Bumps and how to resolve them.

One Day Apart

Iliyan and I call “bumps” those situations in which we are together and feel sad, cranky or have different opinions on something, consequently resolving the situation by sorting our feelings out and communicating with each other. We have never had fights or even arguments (we have disagreed on various topics but mostly we discuss them calmly), it has always been these little things which we decided to call bumps since they are smaller than the two aforementioned.

Being away from Iliyan and having to deal with my studies is a source of daily stress which triggers most of my down and cranky moods. Sometimes when we discuss a topic, we find that our views are different, we get all passionate exposing our opinions to the point that sometimes this as well concludes in abump, everybody is a bit stubborn and needs a few minutes to understand the other person’s…

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Un gând despre „Bumps and how to resolve them.

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